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    Feng Mian

    Chicago, IL

    About the author

    Shane has lived in various countries, dabbled at a number of occupations, and makes a pretty tasty scone. She is currently living in Canada, working on the next Edie Doyle mystery.

    somewhere in a dark wood — Book 2

    coming Spring 2023

    A quiet country road

    A desperate search

    A missing man

    A promise

    At an isolated farmhouse, Edie Doyle stumbles upon a gravely injured man. Suddenly she’s neck deep in trouble—again.

    When the man begs for help, she can’t refuse, but how can she keep her promise when he disappears before she even learns his name?

    The police don’t believe her, the surly farmer doesn’t want her help, and the only witness isn’t talking. Can she find the missing man before it’s too late, and before anyone else gets hurt?

    Her search will take her beyond the sun-drenched fields into dark woods—and even darker shadows—but Edie will keep her promise.

    Unless someone stops her first.

    Somewhere in a Dark Wood is the second Edie Doyle Mystery. For fans of golden age mysteries and small town cozies.

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